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  • But even if you're not Catholic, in a town like Lake Wobegon, when the priest clears his throat, the dogs stop barking.
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    In the great stone fireplace a log fire was spurting and crackling, throwing out a ruddy glare which, with the four bracket-lamps which stood at each corner of the room, gave a bright and lightsome air to the whole apartment. Louis intended to be back aboard Needle before the Hindmost turned his telescope in that direction.
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  • Jorn looked critically at his only dress nightgown, stuffed it into his luggage, took it out again and threw it into the trash chute.
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    Arizona State University, Department of Visual Communication Design

    Motion Graphics and Interaction Design.
    A exploration of motion graphic design using both technical and theoretical design methods.

    Course Eligibility

    Visual Communication Design Student, senior year student.

    Course Objectives:

    By the end of this course students should be able to follow and / or create a content-based design process. That utilizes current technological, and design methods to create time based applications suitable for various interactive platforms.

    Course Format:

    Lectures, demonstrations, assignments, and online tutorials.

    Course expectations:

    Students will manage their time to complete assigned projects and meet interim deadlines. Students will complete necessary tutorials and readings in order to have the skills necessary to complete assigned projects. Students are encouraged to apply assignments to Real World projects and problems when appropriate.


    • youTube® account
    • account (for required online tutorials)
    • 3×5 pack of Post-it® Note Pads
    • A marker and or Sharpie®
    • Lots of Hard Drive Space! (6-10 gig min)
    • Flash Drive , or a removable storage device (1 gig min)


    Grades are based on project completion, interim progress, comprehension of technical skills and class participation. Each project will be broken up into interim phases. Each phase will be graded.

    • E. Non submission of a project / assignment, Inadequate understanding/ submission.
    • D. Not meeting requirements for the project
    • C. Meeting requirements for the project
    • B. Meets requirements for the project and creatively expands on assigned interactive and creative techniques.
    • A. Meets requirements for the project and shows advanced mastery using assigned interactive and creative techniques.

    Attendance Policy

    Attendance is required and will be graded on project / assignment days. Students are expected to be on time and prepared to go over and required materials. Attendance is graded on any project / assignment due dates. If absent from class on a project / assignment day WORK IS STILL DUE.

    Academic integrity

    Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated. Any students caught committing these infractions will automatically fail GRA422. For more information on the academic integrity policy at ASU, visit:


    The content of this syllabus is subject to change at the instructors’ discretion, although it is agreed that any such changes will be communicated in a timely manner to students enrolled in GRA 422.

    Incremental back up

    Students are responsible to back up work often and systematically. Corrupt files, stolen hardware and or any other method of data failure is not a acceptable reason for late or missing projects. Back up often and in multiple locations.

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    The Field itself was waterlogged, and our shoes were clogged with mud. Use your head, boy, something in the back of his brain said.
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